Ride the Wake with Collin Harrington & Friends

Collin Harrington & Friends

Collin Harrington and friends Ride the Wake in our epic montage of wakeboarding, wakeskating & wakesurfing. Featuring Brandon Thomas, Steve Campbell, Scott Byerly, George Daniels, & Brenton Priestley Music: Thriftworks – “Caduceus”

Powellooza 2011 by LiveUnbound

Powellooza 2011 by LiveUnbound

Powellooza is an event at Lake Powell AZ were about 150 people get together for 3 days on a small secluded island. They camp out in tents and houseboats, and do all the crazy stuff they come up with – like running after eachother on the beach… It looks awesome! Check out the video from […]

Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships in South Africa

The Waketeam Germany

The Waketeam Germany with Sigi Bächler, Conni Schrader, Dominik Lindemann and Philipp Schramm were attending the great European & African Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships in South Africa. Wonderful weather and a marvelous location made the well organized event to a great experience for every participant. Music in this video: Music: Skrillex – Breakn’ A Sweat […]

Wakeboarding a cranberry bog


Josh Tranby and the crew travel to Tomah, Wisconsin for a visually stunning wakeboarding session in a cranberry bog. And.. it looks god damn amazing. These Red Bull sponsored athletes are given so many awesome opportunities that we normal people can just dream about, here is another example on just that, you gotta admit you […]

Fred & Nikki On Mission – Trilogy

The last episode of the short series with Fred & Nikki is out. In the trilogy we follow Frederic von Osten & Dominic Gührs two of the worlds best wake boarders. They take on different missions each episode shredding places that has been untouched by a board until now. Videos inside!

Tropical Roast

Tropical Roast is a short wakeboard film sponsered by Sport Unlimited & Monster Energy. It’s a nonprofit vid edited and directed by Marc Whitelaw, starring Dylan Mitchell, Nick Burton-Moore, Devon Nassif and Ryan Whitelaw. Get in the mood with the teaser first, to check out what it’s all about! If you’ve already seen it just […]

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